The Girl by the Sea: The Hideous Beast With Two Backs And Our Wonderful World Full of Pain


Warning: Most definitely NSFW.

Maybe the worst things in our lives are the most beautiful. Maybe the things we’re told are the best are the ugliest.

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Tokyo Ghoul √A – 09 + 10

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Posted by Himeshit

Firstly, apologies for posting another double review like this. Boring real life things conspired to keep me from being able to get this write up done in a timely fashion. Hopefully this won’t be a frequent occurrence.

If the episodes leading up to the previous two week’s installments of Tokyo Ghoul √A, were the calm before the storm, the episodes themselves were undoubtedly the storm at its most devastating. While the series has struggled to remain consistent during its run, especially production wise, and has been more than slightly frustrating at times, the payoff that these two episodes provided serves as a reminder as to why I was so taken with the first season when it ended.

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